Best Siding Materials to Use in the Midwest

Best Siding Materials to Use in the Midwest

November 29, 2022

The Midwest is a part of the US that offers all four seasons, along with a ton of unpredictability and a variety of weather conditions. From hail, snow, rain, excessive heat, wind storms, and more, there isn’t much that our homes aren’t required to contend with in this part of the country. That also means many homeowners find themselves asking questions like what are some house siding options for people living in the Midwest.

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Choosing the right siding options for your home can offer many benefits, but there are several things to consider before choosing the best siding option for your needs. Here is a look at some answers to those questions, like what is the best siding for cold climates or homes in the Midwest?

Vinyl Siding Options

One of the more popular options, vinyl siding offers many benefits for homeowners in the Midwest. Today, vinyl siding offers many designs, styles, and colors, making it a versatile option. Vinyl siding is also a cost-effective siding option that offers durability and requires little to no maintenance.

Wood Siding

Arguably the most eco-friendly siding option, engineered wood siding also offers several other benefits, including beauty and the option to stain or paint it. The big drawback to wood siding is the higher price point. Wood siding will also need to be protected and need to be stained or painted every several years to maintain its beauty and look.

Fiber Cement Siding

This versatile siding option is also the closest replica to wood siding available. Fiber cement siding also offers excellent resistance to heat and fire. Additionally, wood siding options stand up against warping, weather, and rotting.

Metal (Steel) Siding 

Metal siding has many benefits, but because of its price and installation requirements, it isn’t the most popular option. Steel or metal siding is durable, offers longevity, and is fire resistant. Metal siding is also a good bug-repellent option, as insects are not fans of steel and metal siding.

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