8 Most Popular Windows To Consider for Your Home

8 Most Popular Windows To Consider for Your Home

February 8, 2023

Windows do more than just allow fresh air into your home. They improve the overall interior and exterior look of the house, provide natural lighting and allow you to glimpse the world whenever you need to. There exist many types of windows designed for different types of buildings, and each has its pros and cons. That’s why you need to think carefully about what you want when choosing windows for your house.  

Whether installing new windows in a new home or upgrading your old ones, here are the top eight home window options to choose from.

1. Bay Windows



Bay windows have been around for centuries. They come in different interesting designs that help increase space in your house as they extend from your house. That means you may incur high costs if you’re remodeling your home to install them.

2. Awning Windows



Awning windows protect you from exterior elements, including rain. Therefore, they can be an excellent fit for you if you enjoy keeping your windows open all the time. They open from the top of the frame. The downside of these windows is that they protrude upwards, obstructing walkways.

3. Sliding Windows



Sliding windows are the most common type of windows and doors in most homes. They work as they sound: sliding one side over the other. They allow plenty of fresh air and offer a spectacular view. While they’re easy and cheaper to install, Sliding windows are pretty challenging to clean, especially if installed on the upper floors.

4. Casement Windows



Also called crank windows, casement windows are similarly standard. They come with a strong seal and swing from the hinge-like doors. The seal around the windows makes them weathertight, while the swing function allows plenty of fresh air.

5. Louvre Windows



Louvre windows are made of many small glass panels connected to a frame that slides halfway to open and vertically to close. These types of windows are quite common in office and formal buildings but can also be installed in homes. They provide plenty of fresh air and natural light but hinder natural views.

6. Double-Hung Windows



Double-hung windows are an alternative type of sliding window. While the traditional sliding windows move from left to right or vice versa, double-hung windows lift upwards or downwards. This type of window provides you with plenty of control. Because cool air sinks and hot air rises, you can move the window differently to fit your needs.

7. Bow Windows



Bow windows are similar to bay windows as they feature three or more connected windows protruding outside the house structure. The only difference between the two is the design created. Bow windows create a half-circle design that you may find in big churches.

8. Picture Windows



Picture windows look just like their name: pictures. When placed in places with spectacular views, the view makes the window appear like a beautiful, live, natural picture. However, you need to part ways with ventilation and airflow as they don’t feature opening mechanisms.

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