Top 8 Debunked Metal Roofing Myths

Top 8 Debunked Metal Roofing Myths

August 5, 2022

For centuries, people used organic materials to cover the roofs of their dwellings. Only in the last several decades have we started using metal roofs. Although metal roofs have grown a lot in popularity, there are still many prevalent metal roofing myths. This quick guide will debunk eight common metal roofing myths.

A Metal Roof Will Attract Lightning

Metal indeed conducts electricity very well. However, just because metal conducts electricity does not mean that it attracts electricity. Lightning is attracted to tall objects. This includes power poles and trees. It is possible for lightning to strike a metal roof because it is possible for lightning to strike any home. A metal roof would actually be a safer roof option during a lightning storm, though, because the electricity would quickly disperse through the metal rather than catching on fire, which usually happens to a traditionally shingled roof when it is struck by lightning.

Metal Roofs Are Loud in the Rain

Is metal roofing loud in the rain? The truth is that when the roof is installed properly, with the correct type of sheathing below, a metal roof produces less noise during rain.

Metal Roofs Will Rust

Although it could be possible for a metal roof to rust, that is only likely with a roof that was not properly coated with zinc sealant. A properly sealed roof will usually not rust.

Hail Damages Metal Roofing

You might have wondered will hail damage a metal roof. Again, whether hail will damage a metal roof has a lot to do with the way it was installed. A properly installed roof is able to endure extreme conditions such as hail. Very large hail may cause some denting, but this is mild compared to the type of damage a shingled roof would sustain in the same conditions.

You Should Not Walk on a Metal Roof

Most metal roofs can safely be walked on. However, you should talk with your installer to make sure.

Metal Roofing Makes Your House Hot

Metal will actually deflect heat rather than absorb it. This means a home with a metal roof will stay cooler in the summer.

Metal Roofing Hurts Resale Value

This simply is not true as the roof’s condition determines home value and not the materials used.

Metal Roofing Belongs on Barns

There is a huge misconception that metal roofing is better suited for barns or storage buildings. There is no reason why metal roofing cannot be used on homes. It comes down to a personal choice of appearance.

To ensure you get the best quality and longevity out of your metal roof, be sure to work with a quality metal roof installer. You should follow all maintenance instructions your roofing expert gives you as well. Most features of our homes depend on good maintenance to ensure a long life of quality. 

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