The Importance of Rain Gutters

The Importance of Rain Gutters

June 17, 2022

As a homeowner, it’s important that you at least have an idea of the function of each and every component in your house. You don’t necessarily have to know how to handle or manage them yourself, but at least be aware of how it may impact your property should anything untoward happen. 

Rain gutters are one such component that is important to the structural integrity of a house or building, but often tend to be overlooked. 

What Are Rain Gutters

If you look up at your roof outside, you will notice what looks like a funnel attached along the length of the roof. This is the rain gutter. Its primary function is to collect rainwater and drain it away from the house. 

Without these gutters, the rainwater can soak straight into the material of the house, especially if it is wood, leading to water damage.

Installation and Maintenance

Because of the many accompanying threats of water damage, it is important to make sure you call in a professional for gutter installation. The same goes for gutter maintenance. 

Even if you have a gutter set up, if you don’t maintain it, it still won’t be able to function as well as it should. What this means is that you will still incur damage and other problems that you would have if you did not have the rainwater gutters installed.   

If you leave your gutters unmaintained, they will start collecting dried leaves and debris (in some instances, it becomes a cozy bird’s nest). Eventually, the gutter will give way to the weight of this debris. It will also go through wear and tear faster than it normally would, leaving you with more expenses for repairs.

House Troubles Without Rain Gutters

The impact of not having rain gutters properly installed is no simple matter. Water damage spreads, especially if not addressed quickly enough. The longer it sits undetected, the more chances it has of spreading. 

When water damage occurs, you don’t just get water stains on your wall. It weakens the entire structure, leaving it vulnerable to cracks and tears that would need repairs. 

Not only that but where there is moisture, there is mold and mildew growth. This is not just inconvenient; it is dangerous for you and your family, or whoever else is residing in the home. Inhalation of spores from these growths can not just trigger allergies, but also cause serious respiratory conditions. 

Water damage does not only occur within the walls and inside the house. It can also occur outside, such as in the yard. Without the rain gutters leading the rainwater directly into the drain, the water could simply flood your yard, making it muddy and mushy and destroying your landscaping. 

Again, this scenario will lead to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars required simply to get everything repaired and back in order. 

That is why it’s important for you to make sure you have rain gutters properly installed and maintained on your property.

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