Prepare Your Deck for a Michigan Winter with This Advice from Local Deck Builders

Prepare Your Deck for a Michigan Winter with This Advice from Local Deck Builders

December 15, 2020

Michigan has some of the coldest winters in the United States, which is why it’s important to protect your deck against those harsh seasonal elements. Local deck builders in Traverse City, MI recommend several things when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your deck. There are several ways you can prepare your deck for winter, although it’s important to keep up with maintenance during those winter months as well.

Below, you will find tips and more in-depth information on maintaining the quality of your wooden deck, even during our harsh Michigan winters.

How harsh weather affects your deck

All types of weather can cause damage to your wooden deck, be it rain, harsh sun or snow. For example, extreme rain has been known to cause discoloration to decks. Heat and harsh sunlight may cause the wood on your deck to warp or even crack.

Decks exposed to colder climates may experience major damage due to snow. The moisture from snow and ice causes the wood to weaken. This moisture could also result in the buildup of mildew and wood rot. Cracks can also increase due to ice forming within the wood.

No matter what type of climate your wooden deck is in, it’s important to utilize the right type of protection.

How you can protect your deck from winter climates

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure there was no damage done to your deck over the summer. Look out for any signs of rot or mildew. It is important that you clean the deck as thoroughly as possible before utilizing any sealant. Additionally, be sure you don’t use any cleaning methods that may cause lasting damage to your deck, including strong chemical cleaners.

After the cleaning process is complete, you’ll want to have the deck sealed with a high-quality sealant. This will help prevent warping, cracks and more, as moisture will be unable to seep into the wood during the winter. It is best to get expert local deck builders in Traverse City, MI to seal the deck for you, as they will have the highest-quality materials as well as the right tools.

Maintenance during the winter months

While sealing a deck will go a long way when it comes to providing protection, it is also important to provide proper maintenance. Removing any snow from the surface of your deck can be a great way of preventing any moisture from sneaking its way in. While you could shovel the snow, this might create scratches along the deck’s surface, so it is usually a better idea to try and sweep the snow off.

You could also place a tarp over your deck when it’s snowing, although it can be an annoying process to have to remove the tarp anytime you want to use the deck. Additionally, avoid using salt, as it will likely damage the wood.

A local deck builder in Traverse City, MI will be able to provide you with the best advice when it comes to protecting your deck during the winter. For all your deck construction and maintenance needs, contact Qualified Roofing today.

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