A Helpful Guide for Choosing New Deck Materials

A Helpful Guide for Choosing New Deck Materials

November 15, 2020

If you’re preparing to build a new deck for your property, you will quickly discover that there are a lot of different material choices available on the market. So how do you choose the type of deck material you’ll use for your project?

As a reliable deck building contractor in Traverse City, MI, we’re well equipped to recommend deck materials to our customers. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the most popular types of deck materials and what you should know about them.

Pressure treated wood

The most inexpensive (and thus one of the most popular) materials for deck building is pressure treated wood, which you will find at any lumber yard. This type of decking is designed to be able to withstand harsh weather, including rain and snow.

Pressure treated wood has been treated with a chemical that protects the wood from water and rot. However, it is also more susceptible to warping and cracking than other types of wood, and if the deck is not properly installed, you might have issues with breakage or other damage.

Cedar or redwood

If you want to go with a natural wood rather than a pressure treated wood, your best options are going to be cedar or redwood. Both cedar and redwood have natural properties that help them withstand long-term exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and to moisture, and they don’t have any of the chemical additives you’d find in a pressure treated wood.

The downside of cedar and redwood is that they’re significantly more expensive than pressure treated lumber. There’s also a risk of the wood warping and cracking, and potential flaws that could show up in the wood. There’s no avoiding those risks with any kind of wood you choose.


Composite decking materials have exploded in popularity over the last couple decades. These types of decks are usually made from recycled materials. You can find it in wood grain patterns, and a wide range of colors.

The benefits of using composite material are that it will provide your deck with a fully uniform look, and that you don’t need to refinish or reseal it like you do with wood. Expect to pay a higher price for composite decks than wood, but after installation it can last you for decades, and the material is likely to come with a great warranty.


Most metal decks are made from aluminum planks, and they will likely feature patterns or designs to provide a bit of friction and traction so you can avoid slipping. You probably won’t want to use metal for your deck living in the Midwest, because it can get extremely slippery during the winter when snow and ice pile up on top of it.

Which type of decking material most interests you? We encourage you to contact Qualified Roofing today to talk to our reliable deck building contractors in Traverse City, MI if you have any questions about the options available on the market and some of the benefits that come along with them. We’re happy to provide you with further information to help you make an informed decision.

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