Creative Ideas for Converting Your Garage Into a More Practical and Functional Space

Creative Ideas for Converting Your Garage Into a More Practical and Functional Space

October 30, 2020

A garage is a wonderful convenience for many homeowners, especially for those with multiple vehicles or those with tons of storage needs. But trust us when we say there are way better uses of that space than simply parking cars or storing old boxes! Continue reading to learn a few remodeling ideas in Traverse City, MI for your garage:

  • Home office: It’s way too easy to get distracted working from home if you don’t have a proper office. The best way to stay on track while you’re working from home is by converting your garage to an office space. With proper lighting and soundproofing, you’ll be just as efficient at home as you were in your old office.
  • Fitness room: Need to break a sweat after a frustrating day? Just head out to the garage! Since most already have concrete flooring, garages are the ideal spot for a home gym. Consider adding AC and mounting a TV to take your home gym to the next level.
  • Kids’ playroom: If the kiddos need their own space to hang out, consider converting the garage for them. The playroom will need to have plenty of daylight, ventilation and storage space to be as functional and comfortable as possible.
  • Movie theater: If your garage doesn’t have windows, it might be the perfect setting for a home theater. All you need is a high-quality TV or projector, surround-sound speakers and some comfortable furniture. You and the family can pretend like you’re at the movie theater without ever leaving your home!
  • Spare bedroom: If your family is growing or if you always seem to have guests over, consider turning your garage into an extra bedroom. Just be sure there’s plenty of insulation so the new bedroom is equally as comfortable as other rooms in the home.
  • Mother-in-law suite: Why stop with just a bedroom when you could turn your garage into an entire suite? Adding a bathroom and a small kitchenette to the converted garage bedroom creates a nice private space for in-laws or any other guests staying at your home.

Why hire Qualified Roofing?

Converting your garage isn’t a DIY project. These are a few reasons customers turn to us for their home improvement needs:

  • Full-service team: We’re a one-stop shop for all of your home improvement needs. From coming up with initial remodeling ideas in Traverse City, MI to putting on the final coat of paint, we can do it all.
  • Fair pricing: There’s no reason to break the bank on your garage renovation. At Qualified Roofing, we offer free consultations and transparent pricing for all of our services. We even offer significant discounts for flexible scheduling!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: We know you’ll be happy with the end result when you hire our crew to tackle your home improvement project. We stop at nothing to ensure the job is finished on time and everything is to our clients’ liking.

What are you waiting for? Now is the best time to upgrade your home by remodeling your garage! Call our professionals today to get a quote for your new garage renovation or to talk about some more remodeling ideas in Traverse City, MI.

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