Learn How to Identify Hail Damage with Help from Expert Roofers

Learn How to Identify Hail Damage with Help from Expert Roofers

June 30, 2020

Because hail damage is very difficult to detect when viewing a roof from the ground, it can often go unnoticed altogether. Many homeowners don’t even think about the damage hail can cause until the issues have become too large to ignore. Fortunately, the best Traverse City, MI roofers are here to offer a few tips on how to identify hail damage early on to help prevent the condition of your roof from worsening over time.

Inspect your home

In most cases, if your roof has sustained hail damage, there may also be signs of the impact of a hailstorm evident in other areas of your property. If there are unexplained dents and dings on the gutters, siding and other surfaces on your home’s exterior, you will want to have your roof examined right away. Chipped paint and damage to your air conditioner or wooden deck may also point to significant hail damage.

How to check for hail damage on your roof

Once you have determined that your roof may need a closer look for potential hail damage, your next step will be to go up to the roof to better assess the situation. When checking for damage on your roof that you can’t see from the ground below, safety is always the top priority. Check to make sure your ladder is in good working order before using it to access your roof, and wear a durable pair of roofing boots. You should also bring along a camera to document any damage you find, and a piece of chalk to outline any areas of concern.

Inspecting the roof

Spotting hail damage on a wood or metal roof is fairly straightforward, as hail typically splits wood right down the middle upon striking it, and leaves much more visible impact markings on metal surfaces. However, unless the hail knocks off the surface granules of a roofing shingle in a clearly visible way, locating hail damage on an asphalt shingle roof can be much more difficult, and a professional assessment is recommended.

While a few loose granules might not initially seem like a big deal, it doesn’t take much for a roof leak to start, and before you know it you could be dealing with a roof that has been compromised completely, leading to much bigger problems. While you’re inspecting your roof, you’ll also want to check on the condition of all of the vents, as well as any additional features like skylights or chimneys, for any denting or chipped surfaces.

Despite the common misconception that only larger hailstorms are capable of causing damage, hail the size of a quarter is all it takes to cause significant damage to your roof. Fortunately, our team at Qualified Roofing has nearly three decades of experience with roofing restoration projects of all sizes, and we are ready to help you make the decision that will keep your home protected for the long term.

Whether you need repairs after a hailstorm has wreaked havoc on your roof, or it’s time for a brand-new roof altogether, give the best Traverse City, MI roofers a call now to schedule your free consultation. Be sure to ask about how you can receive a 5 to 7 percent discount for springtime projects with flexible scheduling!

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