Do I Need to Re-Roof My Home to Install Solar Panels?

Do I Need to Re-Roof My Home to Install Solar Panels?

May 15, 2020

Installing solar panels on your home is a fantastic way to help the environment and lower your expensive energy bills at the same time. If you’ve decided to take the jump and do your part by installing solar panels, you might want to start by researching different kinds of panels, but the first thing you need to look into is Michigan roofing companies. That might come as a surprise, but the most important part of installing solar panels—the thing you have to deal with before anything else—is the quality of your roof.

Why roofs are so important

If you’re excited about installing solar panels, you’re probably more excited about researching carbon reduction and solar technology than Michigan roofing companies. But don’t neglect that research, or you might never get to install your solar panels. If your roof is damaged or aging, or even if it’s not strong enough to bear the weight of a heavy solar energy system, it could prevent you from ever installing such a system. Your roof may not be as exciting as a photovoltaic system or inverter or panel racking, but it is the foundation of your solar panel system.

Strong roofs can stay

Roofs are much more complicated than they look. Along with the shingles or tiles that you can see, a roof is made up of a roof truss, decking, insulation, an ice and water barrier, underlayment and a wood frame. If any part of the roof is damaged, it might not be able to support the heavy racking and equipment in a solar panel system. If your roof is new and sturdy, you should be able to add a solar panel system without needing to replace the whole roof. Be sure to get your roof inspected by a Michigan roofing company to make sure it’s strong enough.

Replacing a roof

No one wants to have to get an expensive new roof for their home when they were hoping to spend their money on a solar panel system. However, if you have an old or weak roofing system, it’s better to replace it before you move forward on solar panels. Even if you have a few years left on a roof, it can be better (and cheaper!) to replace it now in order to avoid taking down and reinstalling solar panels when you need to replace the roof later on. New roofs also tend to be more energy efficient, so they can help you save on the power created by your new solar system.

Schedule a consultation today

If you are considering a solar system and need to get your roof inspected, contact the experts at Qualified Roofing in Traverse City, MI today. One of the best Michigan roofing companies out there, we will help you determine if your roof can support a solar panel system, and can replace your roof affordably and efficiently. Since roofing work is so often complicated by Michigan weather, Qualified Roofing is also offering discounts for flexible scheduling—contact us for more information!

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