Pros and Cons: Are Wood or Metal Studs Better for Framing Your Walls?

Pros and Cons: Are Wood or Metal Studs Better for Framing Your Walls?

April 15, 2020

If you’re in the midst of a home remodel, chances are, you’ve had to make a lot of decisions about what types of building materials to use. When it comes to wall framing, the right building materials can make all the difference. There are two main types of studs to choose from: metal studs and wood studs. If you’re trying to decide between metal and wood studs, it’s helpful to consider some advice from reliable general contractors in Traverse City, MI to help you choose the option that’s best for your needs.

Wood stud basics

Wood studs are essential in traditional homebuilding and construction. While the use of wood studs has declined recently, many contractors and builders still favor wood studs over metal studs. Wood studs can accommodate screws and nails, making them a great option for builders who need to install windows or other features directly into studs. There are lots of different types of wood studs with varying sizes and wood types, which allows builders to select the studs that are right for the given application.

Metal stud basics

Metal studs have increased in popularity in recent decades and are now more widely available than wood studs. Metal studs are usually made of steel and are commonly used to frame basement walls or to support walls that aren’t load bearing. Framing with metal studs is very popular because of its affordability and convenience for builders.

Wood vs. metal studs

When choosing between wood and metal studs, there are several important factors to take into account:

  • Weight: One of the most significant differences between wood and metal studs is that metal studs weigh less. The lightweight nature of metal studs makes them easier to handle and can reduce the amount of time it takes to complete framing and remodeling projects.
  • Cost: Another key difference between wood and metal studs is the cost. In general, metal studs are much cheaper than wood studs. However, it can also be more difficult to find reliable contractors in Traverse City, MI who are skilled and experienced in using metal studs, so installation costs might be higher for metal studs.
  • Durability: Durability is another important factor to consider when deciding between metal and wood studs. Wood studs are susceptible to warping and rotting over time if they are exposed to excessive moisture or water damage. Metal studs are not susceptible to the same kind of damage over time, but they can be damaged by excessive weight or moisture damage that leads to corrosion.

Work with reliable general contractors in Traverse City, MI

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