Look for These Signs of a Leaky Skylight

Look for These Signs of a Leaky Skylight

March 15, 2020

Skylights make a beautiful addition to every home. They invite a view of nature into your living space while sealing out the harsh elements. However, a leaky skylight can bring the unwanted parts of nature into your home and leave you with cold, damp quarters. Here’s when you should call for leaky skylight repairs in Traverse City, MI.

Leaks during bad weather

All it takes is a bit of rain to show you have a leak in your skylight. Leaks often reveal themselves during the winter in Traverse City, MI, as well, because the accumulated snow on your roof will melt and leak through weakened seals once temperatures go back up. Homeowners should check the structural integrity of their roofs before winter hits because it’s easier for contractors to provide leaky skylight repairs when the weather is dry.

Broken shingles

Your skylight can leak even when it’s fitted perfectly into the roof. Many times, a leak occurs because a separate part of the roof needs fixing. Shingles often become cracked, loose or missing since they’re the part of your roof that’s directly exposed to the elements. Damaged shingles give rainwater easy access to your home’s interior, especially if the damage is near the skylight.

If you’re in need of leaky skylight repairs, take a look on your roof and try spotting broken or out-of-place shingles. Do your best to assess the damage from the ground in cases where it’s not safe to climb onto your roof. Collect as much information as possible so your contractor in Traverse City, MI can more readily troubleshoot the problem.

Corroded seal

Roofs don’t last forever, so you’re likely to come across wear and tear during your time as a homeowner. One of the most common issues for skylights is a poorly installed or corroded seal around the window frame. The flashing could also be out of place—this is the metal shield that directs water away from vulnerable areas of the roof like skylights.

Leaks that result from corroded seals need the help of a roofing contractor to properly remove and reinstall the skylight. Contractors have the training necessary to clear out trapped moisture and caulk the window frame so leaks don’t happen in the future.

Debris on the roof

Leaks don’t always happen because a component of your roof is broken. Debris can build up inside the gutters and form a dam, which forces rainwater to accumulate on the roof. Rainwater is then pushed underneath shingles and can leak into your home through the smallest hole.

Before a contractor assesses your roof for damage, clear away the debris and make sure the drainage system is functioning how it should. This includes removing blockages from the gutters and checking the roof flashing around your skylight. Once the debris is gone, your contractor can give a better assessment of what’s causing the skylight leak.

Leaky skylights are not only a nuisance, but a sign that larger structural issues are lurking in your roof. If you’ve noticed any of the above warning signs, it’s time to schedule a repair with the roofing contractors at Qualified Roofing. We’ve reinstalled countless skylights and stopped the leaks every single time.

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