Steel vs. Fiberglass: What's Better for Entry Doors?

Steel vs. Fiberglass: What’s Better for Entry Doors?

January 30, 2020

Thinking about replacing your front door, or looking to choose the best one for your custom-built home? Today, homeowners have a variety of options from which to choose, including steel and fiberglass doors. If you’re considering these options, it’s worth learning more about the benefits and drawbacks they offer. Before you talk to your local high-quality door installers in Traverse City, MI, read on to learn the pros and cons of steel vs. fiberglass entry doors.

Steel entry doors

  • Aesthetics: Steel doors come in a variety of finishes, including wood grain. Like fiberglass, you can customize them with color, style, glass and more.
  • Durability: Steel doors are the strongest, most long-lasting doors on the planet. If you want a door that will last a lifetime, this is your best option.
  • Energy efficiency: When it comes to energy efficiency, steel is a great option. It’s significantly more energy efficient than wood, and the glazing options are designed to prevent as much heat transfer as possible.
  • Security: Similar to their durability, steel front doors are the best choice if you’re worried about security. There’s nothing stronger than steel—why not protect your home with the best front door available?
  • Cost: Steel doors tend to be quite affordable, even with their superior durability, security and energy-efficient qualities. Depending on your customization, of course, the price may vary.
  • Maintenance: The only drawback to steel doors is that if they’re scratched past galvanization, they may rust. Otherwise, they’re easy to maintain and should look great for decades.

Fiberglass entry doors

  • Aesthetics: Fiberglass doors can be manufactured to look like wood doors, and offer a lot of options for color, wood grain and style. They’re also excellent for installing glass windows, which can transform the look of your home.
  • Durability: Fiberglass has a leg up on wooden doors, which can shrink, warp, crack or split. They easily stand up to harsh winters and humid summers, and often come with excellent structural and finish warranties.
  • Energy efficiency: Since energy costs are rising more and more, having an efficient home is key to saving on your utility bills. Fiberglass doors are engineered to prevent as much heat transfer as possible, so if energy savings is a concern, these are a great option.
  • Security: If your wooden front door is thick and solid, it can be a good deterrent—but fiberglass is even stronger. When security is a concern, fiberglass is a great choice.
  • Cost: Cost depends on the type of door and the features you choose, like windows. However, most fiberglass doors are on par with wooden front doors when it comes to cost.
  • Maintenance: All you need is soap and water to clean these front doors. They resist denting and scratching and look great for years.

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