Five Signs It's Time for New Gutters

Five Signs It’s Time for New Gutters

November 30, 2019

You might not think about them very often, but gutters are one of the most important aspects of your roof and home. Without them, rainwater could damage your roof, crumble your foundation and ruin your landscaping.

While they can often last for two decades or more before they need to be replaced, gutters don’t last forever. Continue reading to learn some signs that you need to think about installing new gutters in Traverse City, MI:

  • Cracked gutters: Cracks in the gutters are probably the top sign that it’s time to get some new ones. These cracks will only grow longer and wider as time goes on, allowing more water to flow out and onto the ground below.
  • Rust or peeling paint: A rusty gutter should be replaced right away, as those small rust spots can quickly turn into large holes. Additionally, if the protective paint is peeling on the gutter, you’ll want to have new ones installed. If not, rust formation is soon to follow.
  • Sagging: Gutters that are sagging or pulling down on your roof are too heavy for the fasteners that support them. You can try re-fastening them, but that’s only a temporary fix. You’ll need to replace your gutters to ensure they function as they should.
  • Pooling water: Pooling water on the ground around your home indicates that water isn’t flowing down the gutters and away from your house—instead, water is spilling over the top of the gutter. Waiting too long to replace your gutters further increases the chance of flooding your basement.
  • Basement flooding: A flooded basement could be the direct result of old and improperly functioning gutters. If your basement floods after a heavy storm, check your gutters and downspouts to ensure they’re directing water away from your home like they’re supposed to.

Ways to preserve your gutters

Fortunately, following a few simple steps can help to prolong the lifespan of your gutters and prevent the need to buy new ones for quite some time. Take these actions to ensure your gutters last for as long as your roof:

  • Clean biannually: The best way to protect your gutters is to clear out leaves, twigs and other debris each spring and fall. Biannual cleaning keeps the gutters clear and ensures water is able to flow out of the downspout instead of spilling over the edge.
  • Trim your trees: Keeping the trees around your house trimmed might reduce the need to clean your gutters as frequently, as there won’t be as many leaves in the gutters. Additionally, trimmed trees are less likely to damage your roof during a storm.
  • Install gutter guards: The best way to prevent clogged gutters and extend their lifespan is to install gutter guards. There are different models on the market, but they’re all designed to keep debris out and allow water to flow freely down the channel. Talk to your roofer about the right gutter guards for your home.

Call our team when you need new gutters

It’s important to note that installing new gutters in Traverse City, MI shouldn’t be a DIY project. Instead, call our team at Qualified Roofing to install them. On top of getting expertly-installed gutters, homeowners who are flexible with their scheduling can save 5 to 7 percent on gutter installation next spring. Call to find out how!

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