How Does an Ice Dam Prevent a Roofer from Putting Shingles On?

How Does an Ice Dam Prevent a Roofer from Putting Shingles On?

July 15, 2019

Brutal winter weather can take a major toll on Michigan homes, especially if homeowners don’t prepare their house before the temperatures start to drop. One of the biggest things to worry about is an ice dam forming on your roof.

An ice dam starts when certain areas of a roof are warmer than others. Snow on the roof melts during the day, then re-freezes once temperatures drop again at night. When it re-freezes near the roofline, it creates a dam, preventing water from dripping down into the gutter as it should.

The dam gets bigger and heavier as the season moves on, eventually causing significant damage to the roof and gutter. Unfortunately, due to the ice formation, reliable roofing companies in Traverse City, MI can’t get up on the roof and make any repairs until springtime rolls around.

Keys to Preventing Ice Dams

The good news is, stopping an ice dam from forming is as easy as keeping your roof cool throughout the winter. Here are the best ways to do that:

  • Measure your attic insulation: Insulation plays a major role in keeping your roof at an even and cold temperature throughout the winter. We recommend bolstering your attic insulation this fall to ensure your roof will stay nice and cool all winter long.
  • Add roof and soffit vents: Proper ventilation can also help keep your roof cold. The best way to increase attic ventilation is to install vents up there. Roof and soffit vents can be installed on your own, but we recommend hiring a professional to tackle the job.
  • Install ice dam prevention products: Talk to your roofing professional about specially-designed products that can help heat your roof and gutters to prevent ice dams from forming this winter. These heating products can be installed in as little as a day and save you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Why Choose Qualified Roofing?

Whether an ice dam caused damage to your roof in the winter or you want to prevent one from happening, you’ll need to hire reliable roofing companies in Traverse City, MI to tackle the job. These are the reasons folks turn to our pros at Qualified Roofing:

  • Affordable pricing: There’s no reason to break the bank to have your roof repaired or installed. That’s why you should choose us. We offer the best rates in town, and we have a special going on right now. If you’re flexible with your scheduling, we can offer a seven percent discount on all of our services.
  • Wide range of services: Don’t run all over town finding different roofing contractors to tackle different jobs—just hire our team. From re-shingling roofs to fixing and gutters, we can do it all.

The choice is obvious when you need a professional to work on your roof—call Qualified Roofing. From installing ice elimination systems to re-shingling roofs, we can perform any service you need. Contact us today to see why we’re one of the most reliable roofing companies in Traverse City, MI and find out how you can receive a major discount on your next roofing project.

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