Five Tell-Tale Signs You Might Need to Move on Gutter Repair in Traverse City, MI

Five Tell-Tale Signs You Might Need to Move on Gutter Repair in Traverse City, MI

May 2, 2019

A malfunctioning gutter can lead to expensive problems now or in the near future. The sooner you can identify a failing rain gutter or downspout, the better off your home and property will be when the rainy season comes back around. Here are five telltale signs that you might need to move quickly on gutter repair in Traverse City, MI:

  1. Gutters are overflowing: If your gutters are overflowing with water during a heavy rainstorm, check that they’re draining properly once the storm has passed. Other times, this happens when the gutters or downspouts are clogged with debris—like leaves, pollen and shingle granules. Not all clogged gutters need to be repaired, but you should clear them out as soon as possible. Another reason for an overflowing gutter is an insufficient angle to the gutter unit. Make sure the gutter angle is slightly lower at the end that drains into the downspout.
  2. Gutters are detaching: A gutter can detach from the house for one of several reasons. The first culprit is improper gutter installation by the homeowner or a company. Or, you’ve got a significant amount of debris buildup inside the gutters and/or downspouts. Debris, such as leaves, can collect over a long period of time and the weight of the debris is what can cause gutters to pull away from the house. Have your gutters repaired if you notice them becoming detached, make sure to clean them out periodically.
  3. Gutters are sagging: There are a few things that can make your gutters sag. A section of gutter that’s full of debris or water can sag; a tree branch hitting or scraping a gutter can cause dropping or sagging; improper gutter installation may create this problem; the gutter is vinyl, which is not as strong as steel or aluminum gutter materials; or a gutter is sagging for the simple explanation that it’s old and it’s time to replace it.
  4. Gutters have holes and cracks: Vinyl gutters are more likely to crack and damage over steel and aluminum gutters. Regardless of the type of material, rain gutters can crack when they’re struck hard by an object (like a tree branch) or jumped on by an animal. Holes and cracking can also appear if a seam wasn’t sealed properly during the installation process.
  5. Foundation cracking or water pooling: Take a look at the foundation around your house, especially the areas nearest the downspouts. Do you see water pooling close to your house or cracks in the foundation? If yes, look up at your rain gutters and see what kind of condition they’re in. When water pools next to your house, problems like the foundation cracking can occur. This is happening because your gutters and downspouts are not diverting rainwater far enough (or at all) away from your home’s foundation.

If you are in need of gutter repair in Traverse City, MI, look no further than the experts at Qualified Roofing. Call us today to schedule service for your gutters, to make sure they’re functioning properly!

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