How to Find a Quality Roofer in Traverse City, MI

How to Find a Quality Roofer in Traverse City, MI

January 30, 2019

Are you a homeowner who needs a roof inspection, repairs or new roof installation? Whatever you need, it’s important to make sure you work with a reputable roofing contractor from the start. Here are some tips for finding a great roofer in Traverse City, MI for your next big roofing job.

Research and recommendations

Unless you already have a regular roofing contractor you use, the first thing you are likely to do is conduct some online research. You can also ask family members and friends for referrals. Start by looking for a few roofing contractors based in your local area, then take the time to check out websites. Take note of website presentation: Is the site clean and professional looking? Can you find all the information you need? Is there an easy way to contact them?

Find out how long they’ve been in business

Although there are some people who are naturals at what they do, it makes sense to really focus on choosing a company with years or even decades of relevant experience under their belt. They need to have a solid reputation in the business and not have an endless list of complaints or lawsuits against them. In addition, the costs of services should match the quality of the work they provide.

Check insurance and licensing

The roofing profession falls under the building and construction category. It takes skill and the right tools and materials to install a roof, so it goes without saying that roofing is a dangerous job, and as such is best done by people with the proper training and years of experience. Since roofing is dangerous, check that the company carries insurance for their employees—never work with a company that is unable to show you proof of insurance. If someone gets hurt on your property, you won’t be held responsible because their employer has got them covered.

Look at past projects

A good reputation and quality work are key to a successful business. In addition to asking for a list of client references, ask to see a portfolio of roofing work they have done in the past. In particular, look at past work that is relevant to your current situation, whether it’s shingle replacement, total roof replacement or working with a specific type of roofing material. Whether you’re looking at a past project portfolio online or in a binder, it’s best to do it in the presence of the roofing contractor so you can ask questions as you browse.

What’s happening with your old roof

If you are moving forward with a new roof installation, you must clarify with the roofing company what the plan is for your old roof. Are they installing a new roof directly over your old one, or will the old roof be removed before new shingles go on? Talk about your options and weigh their pros and cons.

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