Five Tips for Choosing the Right Roofing Contractors in Traverse City, MI

Five Tips for Choosing the Right Roofing Contractors in Traverse City, MI

November 15, 2018

Every homeowner knows that the combination of regular property maintenance and improvements is the key to a keeping your place in good condition. One such home feature that needs your attention is the roof. It may need seasonal cleanings, an annual inspection or minor repairs from time to time, and there will ultimately come a day when you’ll need to replace the entire roof. Whatever your needs may be, it’s important to know you’re hiring the best roofing contractor or company for the job.

If you want to avoid the confusion that often comes with finding help, then the following information is for you! Below are five tips for choosing the right roofing contractors in Traverse City, MI:

  • Hire local: Choosing to hire a local roofing contractor is good for small businesses, your community and the local economy. Do your homework so you know for sure that they are not just a local operation, but an established business with a stellar reputation in the community as well. Another reason to hire an established, long-time roofing contractor is warranties and guarantees. Consider this: you have a three- or five-year warranty on a new roof and run into an issue during that period. A less reputable company could close or move away in that time, leaving you high and dry.
  • Check insurance: Any professional roofing contractor with a good reputation to back up their work will have liability and worker’s compensation coverage. Don’t be shy about asking to see certificates or call the insurance carrier for proof. This protects you and the workers in the event an accident occurs while work is taking place on your property. Never hire a contractor that does not have insurance.
  • Get several bids: No matter what, refrain from choosing a roofing company based solely on the price of the service. Going for the cheap bid may save you money now, but not in the long run. That’s not to say that the most affordable bid is automatically not good—just be sure to do your research on the average cost for the same type of roof work in your area. Likewise, opting for the most expensive bid does not guarantee superior workmanship.
  • Avoid scammers: Every homeowner has had an unsolicited knock on their door from people offering home improvement services. The most common scam starts like this: “Hi, we are in your neighborhood doing work for your neighbor,” and then they start pushing a service. Your best bet is to do your own research and get recommendations from people you know and trust. You should be the one contacting a roofing company directly, rather than the reverse.
  • Get everything in writing: Get bids from individual companies in writing. Then, once you choose a contractor, you should get all job details in writing. Read everything to make sure you are in agreement with the terms of payment, project start and end dates and the crew to be assigned to your job.

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