Things to Look for—and What to Avoid—When Hiring a Contractor

Things to Look for—and What to Avoid—When Hiring a Contractor

August 21, 2018

One of the most important aspects of being a homeowner is maintaining and repairing your home. To do so, you sometimes need to hire a contractor to help with repairs, replacements or remodels. While the basics of picking a roofing contractor in Traverse City, MI may seem pretty obvious, some of the warning signs of a potentially bad hire can be harder to spot. Here are some of the signs you’ll want to be on the lookout for:

  • Bad vibes: This is something that is different for everyone—that gut feeling you get when meeting and working with someone. You should always use your intuition and trust your instincts. If something feels off when interacting with a roofing contractor in Traverse City MI, do more research. Don’t ignore your gut feeling without checking to make sure if it’s right.
  • Check past work: A respectable roofing contractor in Traverse City, MI will have plenty of past work to check. Even an independent contractor or business that’s brand new should still have some experience in their field of work, even if it was for another business. A contractor may have a few references or past work to look, at which is fine. If they have none, that’s a red flag.
  • Proper licensing: One of the biggest red flags for a roofing contractor in Traverse City, MI is that they don’t have the proper qualifications. A respectable contractor will have all the credentials needed ahead of time to legally operate in their area. If they don’t have the right license, registration or insurance, you’ll want to avoid them.
  • Late appointments: Running late for an appointment can be unavoidable sometimes. One or two reschedules throughout the process shouldn’t be a problem. However, if they happen at the first two meetings, or are happening consistently, that will be a problem. Showing up late, missing appointments entirely or canceling at the last second usually means they should be immediately crossed off your list.
  • Payment problems: A contractor asking for large amounts of money up front or cash-only payments is another red flag. Giving a contractor most of the money before work has started or only just begun can be worrisome. If you feel uncomfortable with the desired payment method, ask for a different one. If they won’t listen, pick another contractor. Make sure to get everything in writing. Making sure the contractor is required to do the work you want them to can help relieve the worry of making early payments.
  • Hiring pressure: A roofing contractor in Traverse City, MI that pressures you to hire them right away isn’t one you should trust. A respectable contractor knows customers should take their time to make the right selection. Any sort of scare tactics or pressuring by a contractor should mean an instant “no” from you.

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