Five Warning Signs It's Time for a New Roof in Traverse City, MI

Five Warning Signs It’s Time for a New Roof in Traverse City, MI

February 12, 2018

The roof is a home’s first line of defense. It protects the inhabitants and items stored inside from everything from rain and snow to cold and hot temperature extremes. Eventually, the roof will naturally reach a point where it’s no longer able to offer the same protections as it once did. It will likely require more repairs and be prone to frequent leaks and missing shingles as it ages. Delaying the replacement of old roofs can result in some serious problems, though. Watching out for a few simple warning signs can help you know when it’s about time for new roofs in Traverse City, MI.

Dated roof

Most roofs typically only last between 20 and 25 years. That number can change slightly based on if the old roof was removed before the new one was installed, the quality of the ventilation and the number of shingle layers. Roofs installed over an older layer will likely need to be replaced as they approach the two-decade mark. An older roof generally requires more frequent repairs because the aged materials are more prone to curling shingles and leaks.

Buckling and curling shingles

Take a hard look at the slope of your roof. Do the shingles in direct sunlight appear to be curling? If so, then it’s time for a new roof. Any curling and buckling indicates the roof is past its prime. A recently installed roof experiencing these issues could mean it is defective. Talk to your roofing expert about the best option based on the age and condition of your roof.

Roof valleys

A compromised roof valley could be the cause of your leaky roof. The valley helps snow and rain flow into the gutter without allowing any liquid to leak into your home. But missing and broken shingles in the area can easily put this important feature at risk, making the home susceptible to roof leaks. Examine the valley carefully for any bare areas to determine if this is the problem.

Gutters filled with shingle granules

Your gutters may hold the answer to whether it’s time for a roof replacement. Look in the gutters for any sign of shingle granules. Most roofs begin to lose more granules as they age. It’s time for roof replacement once the granules have made their way into the gutters. Another quick test is to look at the roof for any inconsistent or dark colored spots where the granules have already worn away.

Daylight visible through the attic

Check the roof from the attic for signs of daylight shining through the roof boards. Any visible outside light likely means the underlying decking has been weakened from exposure to moisture. There’s no other option but to replace the roof entirely once the problem has escalated this far.

Replacing your roof is an investment in your home, but it will quickly pay itself off due to less frequent repairs and increased energy efficiency within the home. Call Qualified Roofing today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about new roofs in Traverse City, MI!

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