Five Tips for Hiring Quality Roofing Contractors in Traverse City, MI

Five Tips for Hiring Quality Roofing Contractors in Traverse City, MI

January 31, 2018

If you own a home, then you are well aware of all the seemingly never-ending preventative maintenance and home improvement needs. Some chores are easy to remember—mow the lawn, trim the hedges, inspect the HVAC unit every new season. But what about the bigger things, the ones that do not require regular attention? For example, your roof, when installed properly, can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years before needing to be replaced—but that’s not to say it won’t need repairs or shingle replacement before then.

The truth is, between varying costs, materials and level of customer service, choosing the right roofer for home roofing services can be difficult—but you can do it! Here are five tips for hiring quality roofing contractors in Traverse City, MI:

  • Go with a local contractor: Some of the best home improvement companies are locally owned and operated in your area. All too often a roofing company will close and completely disappear, so ask them how long they have been in business and if they have a physical location you can visit. The roofing contractor you choose should have an excellent reputation in the community, and maybe even awards that show their commitment to local customers.
  • Make sure they are insured: Hiring a contractor with liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage is a must. Ask to see insurance and credential certificates; you might also want to call their insurance company to be certain. Without business liability insurance, you could be liable for any worker injuries sustained while someone is working on your roof.
  • Avoid solicited services: Not all door-to-door sales or service solicitors are scammers, but you do want to avoid making deals with anyone knocking on your door claiming to be your neighbor’s roofers. Some of these people will point out “damage” and have you sign an agreement for services right then and there. Instead, get referrals and recommendations for roofers from people you know.
  • Don’t choose based on price: Get at least three bids before choosing a roofer, and don’t automatically choose the one offering the lowest rate. Take all the bids—preferably they all will have included the same services, materials and work completion timeline—and compare them.
  • Good customer service is a must: Communication is key to every company wanting to keep you as a customer. If you call or email a roofer for a price quote or to ask general questions and they don’t respond to your inquiry, don’t hire them. On the other hand, you may have already come to an agreement, but the contractor is not sending you important requested documentation or following through on anything else in the contract. It may be time to walk away.

Your home’s or building’s roof is the first line of defense against harsh or bad weather. It also protects you and provides indoor comfort. When the time comes to repair or replace your roof, make sure your first call is to Qualified Roofing. Let us know what you need and we’ll send experienced roofing contractors in Traverse City, MI your way!

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