Five Things to Consider Before Choosing Roofing Contractors in Traverse City, MI

Five Things to Consider Before Choosing Roofing Contractors in Traverse City, MI

November 15, 2017

A new roof is a major investment that can cost thousands of dollars. A high quality roof will protect your home for years to come, but the materials are only one part of that. It also requires the skilled installation of experienced roofing contractors in Traverse City, MI. Installing a new roof is an intensive process that requires extensive training, skill and extreme attention to detail. This means it is crucial that you select a contractor worthy of such a task.

Finding a high quality contractor can be an incredibly challenging job in itself. Luckily, keeping in mind the following five considerations will help you to choose the best roofing contractor:

  • Recommendations: Your first step when hiring a roofing contractor is to consult your friends and family. Ask for their honest opinion on any roofing companies they have recently used and whether they would recommend them. Ideally, this will provide you with the most honest insight into the quality and work ethic of a company.
  • Reputation and experience: A company with a bad reputation usually has earned it. Trust what you hear and never settle for anyone with a negative standing in your community. On the other hand, someone with no reputation at all could be just as bad. You want an established roofing company, not some fly-by-night business just looking to make a quick buck. An experienced company based locally will still be around if any issues happen to arise.
  • Insurance: Are you prepared to pay thousands of dollars in medical costs if an employee were to be injured on the job? That’s why worker’s compensation and liability insurance are so important. These formalities will keep you protected if an accident happens during your roofing job. Always ask to see the contractor’s certificates, and don’t hesitate to verify the company’s status with the insurance carrier if you’re not convinced.
  • Price: The best rule of thumb when it comes to pricing is to beware of extremes. A too-low price is just as big of a warning sign as one that is overly high. You have to question where the company is cutting corners to keep costs so low. Instead, look for a moderate estimate and remember that you get what you pay for.
  • Professionalism: Do you feel like the roofing company is trying to skip the formalities to rush into a deal? Don’t be afraid to slow things down. A reputable contractor will be happy to take the time to walk you through each component of the estimate. They will also provide a written document detailing what work will be completed, how much it will cost and the amount of labor required, in addition to an estimated completion date. Make sure you are completely satisfied with the outlined terms before proceeding.

Most of all, you want roofing contractors in Traverse City, MI who will stand by the quality of their work for years to come. You can find all of these traits with the professionals at Qualified Roofing. Call us today to learn more about our roofing services!

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