Things to Consider When Hiring Commercial Roofing Contractors in Michigan

Things to Consider When Hiring Commercial Roofing Contractors in Michigan

September 16, 2017

Whether you’re building a new business or your existing business’ roof needs repairs, your first step is to hire roofing contractors in Michigan. However, you’re probably aware that you can’t just hire anyone to do the job. Your roof is a huge investment in your commercial property, so you want the best of the best to complete the job without any errors.

Choosing one out of the countless roofing contractors in Michigan can be quite the challenge. Commercial roofing in particular comes with its own set of complications, from the safety of your employees to the protection of your equipment or assets to the least amount of commercial downtime possible. For this reason, hiring an expert roofing contractor is absolutely essential. Here are some things to consider before hiring your commercial contractor:

  • Insured: One of the most critical things to check on when hiring a roofing contractor is if they are insured. They should have both worker’s compensation and liability insurance to give you peace of mind in case something bad happens during the job. Ask to see the insurance documentation and consider calling the insurance company just to be sure you’ll be properly covered if you need to file a claim.
  • Licensed: Unlike residential homes, commercial businesses have to undergo routine inspections and pass stringent building code requirements, which means your building’s roof has to be in perfect condition. Make sure your roofing contractor is certified and that their workers are fully trained and certified, as well, to ensure a quality roofing job.
  • Communicative: Your roofing contractor has to be good at communicating with you about the job, the timeline and other important aspects. If you can’t seem to get a hold of a contractor even before you’ve hired them, take it as a sign to look elsewhere. You need to be able to get details about your project when you need them.
  • Reliable and timely: Undergoing a roof repair or installation project while attempting to keep business running as usual can be extremely difficult, which is why your contractor sticking to the schedule is so important. Check reviews to make sure the contractor is known to be reliable and on schedule so your business doesn’t experience any additional downtime.
  • Has a good safety record: Roofing jobs can be dangerous, and safety should be your contractor’s number one concern. You don’t want to get your business involved with a roofing company that has a track record for accidents or safety violations. OSHA keeps a database of self-reported accidents and company citations, so check the OSHA website to ensure you’re hiring someone safe.

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