When to Call the Roofers in Traverse City, MI

When to Call the Roofers in Traverse City, MI

July 7, 2017

Summer is a good time to replace your roof, as the weather is more predictable and the job finishes quicker. However, many homeowners wait too long to finish this important task, and roofers in Traverse City, MI come across some interesting situations. If you fall into this category, delaying roof replacement ends up costing you more in the long run. Here are five signs you should call us for a new roof as soon as possible:

  • It has been a while: Roofs last at least 20 years, but that can be shorter if the shingles are low quality or the roof is not properly ventilated. If you recently bought your home, you likely received a date of installation for your roof. Check the date and the estimated lifespan for your roofing materials and see if you are due for a replacement. Even if you do not notice damage, there can still be wear and tear that can result in a bad surprise this winter. Roofs are often better-safe-than-sorry items, so the earlier you can replace it, the better.
  • Poor appearance: If you do not have a date for the last roof replacement, or you simply lost track, the appearance can indicate if it is time for a new roof. Curled shingle edges, cupped tabs, bald spots where you are missing granules and cracked shingles are all signs of an aging roof. When this happens to a few shingles, they can be replaced, but if this is an epidemic, it is easier to replace your entire roof. Besides, it is likely that the layers beneath the shingles are also worn out, and if that is the case, merely installing new shingles will not be enough.
  • Everybody is doing it: New roofing tends to be a neighborhood project—people frequently end up on the same roof replacement schedule as their neighbors. If you notice roofing crews entering and leaving your neighborhood in droves, it is likely time for you to buy a new roof, too. This is especially true if you are a new home owner and are uncertain as to the age of your roof. Chances are, your roof was replaced with the rest of the neighborhood roofs, and it is your turn, too!
  • Stains: These conditions may not necessarily harm roofs, but they do not look good, and no one wants to be the neighborhood eyesore. Airborne algae creates green streaks that normally can be removed with a 50/50 blend of bleach and water. However, if this is a constant condition, you may have to replace your roof and its infrastructure.
  • Excessive moss: The effects of moss go beyond the cosmetic. It retains moisture that damages shingles. If moss is limited to one area, call a contractor to remove it. Merely scraping it does not keep it from coming back, and you can damage shingles in the process. If it is widespread and nothing seems to control it, replace your roof.

The reliable roofers in Traverse City, MI at Qualified Roofing are ready to replace your roof. Call us today to schedule an estimate and get started.

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