Five Tips on Finding a Residential Roofing Contractor in Traverse City, MI

Five Tips on Finding a Residential Roofing Contractor in Traverse City, MI

July 21, 2017

Choosing a residential roofing contractor in Traverse City, MI is not an easy task. You get inundated with bids, and it can be difficult to assess whether you are hiring a quality service. Fortunately, there are ways to find your ideal contractor and look forward to a job well done. Here are five tips on getting to that place:

  • Go local: Choose a local contractor over a national company. These companies have roots in the community and a widespread reputation. Fly-by-night operations that only operate in your neighborhood for a short time pose a substantial risk. You will often find them as they knock on your door claiming you have storm damage or leave fliers around your neighborhood—even if no one has ever heard of them. These outfits are known for abandoning warranties and practicing bad customer service. Ask friends, family members and neighbors who they use for roofing so you can find that ideal local connection.
  • Consider beyond price: Just because your choice saves you money does not mean it is a good one. If there is a substantial difference between a low bid and the bids of other contractors, it is likely the low bidder cuts corners on materials, insurance and even keeping their bond paid up. You do not want to absorb these risks, as it will cost you more money than you believed you saved. If you have a strict budget, let the roofers know. A reputable roofer finds ways to work with you and never cuts costs where it truly matters.
  • Prioritize good communication: The way a contractor responds to your inquiry shows how communication continues into a job. Promptly returning phone calls, sending written estimates in a timely fashion and following through on your inquiries are all good signs. If a contractor cannot master basic communication, you are in for a frustrating ordeal if you hire them to replace your roof.
  • Check registration and insurance status: If you find a contractor that you believe meets your standards, check to see that their contractor license and insurance statuses are current. Without these items being current, you miss out on protections that could become vital if the contractor makes major mistakes. Also, if a worker is injured on the job, your homeowner’s insurance may have to pay the claim if your contractor does not maintain workers’ compensation insurance. This is a risk that is not worth taking, so be sure to double-check registration and insurance status.
  • Insist on written estimates and job details: When you request an estimate, you want the details in writing. This helps you assess whether a contractor kept promises and forms the basis of a contract. If a contractor is reluctant to provide written details, watch out! They may not intend to back up claims with action, and you could become the victim of shoddy workmanship.

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