Do You Need Roof Repairs, or a New Roof Installed?

Do You Need Roof Repairs, or a New Roof Installed?

July 31, 2017

It doesn’t take a genius to know when a roof has issues that need to be addressed. Problems like leaks and broken shingles are common, especially if the roof is on an older home. When a roof has an issue like that, the homeowner has one of two choices: he or she can either have the roof repaired, or have a new one installed. If it’s only minor damage, just having it repaired is probably the smarter option, but if it needs extensive work done to it, having a new one installed could be a smart move. Keep reading to learn more about choosing between repairs and installing new roofs in Grand Traverse County, MI.

How old is your roof?

Roofs aren’t meant to last forever, and they’ll eventually need to be replaced. Speak to a roofing professional about the age of your roof. If your roof is near the end of its projected lifespan, it’s not a bad idea to consider totally replacing it instead of making repairs.

What’s the additional cost to replace the roof?

It should go without saying that totally replacing a roof is more expensive than making repairs. After all, there’s quite a bit more work involved in replacing a roof rather than repairing it. But sometimes making major repairs is only a little bit less expensive than installing a brand-new roof. If that’s the case, you might as well just pay to have a new roof installed. Speak to your roofing contractor about the additional cost to install a new one—it may be cheaper than you think!

Do you have any time constraints?

Depending on the size of your home, roof repairs may take quite a while to finish. This is especially the case if the damage is extensive, and not just located in one area of the roof. But while repairs can take some time, installing a new roof is a much bigger job and can take weeks more to complete. You’ll want to take time into consideration when choosing between having a roof installed or simply repaired. Not having a full roof on your home for a few weeks can be a bit of an inconvenience, especially in the winter!

Are you planning to sell your home soon?

If you’re thinking about selling your home anytime in the near future, installing a new roof when you have the opportunity is a fabulous idea. A brand-new roof boosts your home’s resale value, and can make it more enticing to potential buyers. When choosing between a home with a new roof and one with an old roof, which house do you think someone is more likely to purchase? Spring for the extra cost of installation and sell your home faster than you expected!

Whether you think your roof needs to be totally replaced or just repaired, give Qualified Roofing a call. Our roofing professionals have years of experience both repairing and installing new roofs in Grand Traverse County, MI. The roofers at Qualified Roofing can offer you a free quote and give you our recommendations on replacement or repair.

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