Different Types of Commercial Roofing Options Explained by Roofers in Traverse City, MI

Different Types of Commercial Roofing Options Explained by Roofers in Traverse City, MI

February 16, 2017

The maintenance of the building that houses your business is a critical component to any company’s success, so finding roofing that is cost-effective and offers sufficient protection will be important. Here are a few of the commercial roofing options that roofers in Traverse City, MI can help you match with your building’s needs:

  • Rubber roof coating: Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) is a black rubber material that can be installed on flat or low-slope style roofs due to its tremendous flexibility. This eco-friendly material is highly weather resistant, with the ability to withstand any combination of hard rain, hail or direct sunlight. This heightened durability coupled with the fact that EPDM rubber is easy to install and maintain explains why it is so commonly used on many commercial roofs.
  • TPO: Thermoplastic polyolefin roofing (TPO) is highly weather, temperature and fire resistant, making it one of the most durable types of roofing materials around. TPO roofing also does a great job of naturally reflecting ultraviolet rays, which means that your building will stay cooler in the summer months, lowering the cost of your air conditioning bill. A TPO roofing system that is maintained well could last more than 20 years, and when you add that to the annual energy savings, it is one of the most cost-effective options currently available.
  • Metal panels: Using metal panels to construct your roof is a great option if you are looking for increased control over the design, and want to create a custom roof that matches your building’s needs perfectly. You will be able to customize everything from the type and grade of metal to the color and flashing profiles that are used, and you can also have these pieces cut and formed on site. Since the pieces are cut specifically for your roof, they can be designed for use on sloped roofs as well. Metal paneling is also one of the most energy-efficient types of roofing systems available, as it is able to reflect the heat during the warmer months similar to TPO roofing.
  • Reinforced coating systems: Depending on your company’s current financial situation, you might find a coating system to be the most cost-effective solution. Unlike a brand new roof installation, a coating system’s purpose is to extend the life of your already existing roofing system. The focus of the coating is to cover and seal any cracks and splits, or any other inconsistencies that are prevalent on your current roof. When the application is complete, you will have a watertight seal that protects your whole roof, all while operating within your company’s budget.

There are many other roofing systems and styles that work well on commercial buildings, including built up roof membranes and modified roofing, to name just two. To learn about some of these other systems and to get help determining which commercial roofing option is best for your business, contact Qualified Roofing. Serving as the go-to roofers in Traverse City, MI, we will steer you in the right direction and help you make the selection that will protect your building for years to come.

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