Why You Need a New Roof in Traverse City, MI

Why You Need a New Roof in Traverse City, MI

December 30, 2016

Your roof will show signs of needing replacement even if you have not been effectively tracking when this work is due. Even in winter, you can still install a new roof in Traverse City, MI and enjoy the benefits that come with it. Here is what you will gain if you replace your roof now rather than dropping money into repairs every time something goes wrong:

  • End the repair cycle: If you have contractors over frequently to address the latest in roof damage, it is likely time to replace your entire roof. As roofs age, they fall apart, and soon it becomes easier for them to sustain punctures or lose shingles. Rather than continue this pattern for the long term, stop it now with a new roof.
  • A safe season: Winter is heavy on the weather elements. Wind, snow, errant tree branches and heavy rain assault your roof’s surface while it works hard to protect you. If your roof is old, it will eventually deteriorate under this pressure, and one day, you will hear the dripping sound of water coming through a hole in your roof. Besides the irritation of water damage, you risk injury to you or a household member should the roof cave in to weather pressure at the wrong time. Replace your roof and reduce your chances of these disasters.
  • Reduced worry: Do you want to spend every stormy day in fear that your roof will give out one day? If your roof is decaying, this is a possibility and a scenario that remains in the back of your mind. This does not involve happy thoughts, and it is likely that you would prefer avoiding this scenario altogether. Replace your roof and reduce your worry.
  • Improved energy efficiency: Your roof also keeps heat inside and reduces drafts and air leaks. The newest roofing materials are more efficient and keep your home warmer. Less heat escape places less pressure on your HVAC system, and that results in lower utility bills no matter how low the temperatures go.
  • Increased home value: If your home is on the market this time of year, there are already elements working against a quick sale. This is a slow real estate period, and you need every advantage you can find. One way to enhance value and become more attractive to potential buyers is to replace your roof. Potential buyers will see one less expense awaiting them in the near future, and that will increase the chances of your home selling soon.
  • Warranties: A big advantage of new roofs is warranties and maintenance plans. Losing shingles becomes less of a big deal if you call in a repair contractor and address it at no charge. The same is true if there is a weak spot or other shortcoming in workmanship. When bad things happen to older roofs, you are at the mercy of your homeowner’s insurance and current financial state. That adds uncertainty to an already precarious time of year.

If you would like to go into the new year with a new roof in Traverse City, MI, call Qualified Roofing. Immediate scheduling is available, so contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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