Unseen Issues Occasionally Uncovered During Roof Replacement in Traverse City, MI

Unseen Issues Occasionally Uncovered During Roof Replacement in Traverse City, MI

July 16, 2016

Most of the time, roof replacement is a relatively straightforward job. The roofers get up on top of the house, remove the old shingles or roofing material, install the new material and call it a day. However, there are occasionally unforeseen complications involved with such a job. Roofers could pull off the existing shingles and find certain issues that require additional work and expertise.

Here are a few of those common unforeseen issues found during roof replacement in Traverse City, MI:

  • Rotten rafters: When the physical rafters holding up the roof begin to get rotten, this means significant overhauls are necessary to ensure the continued integrity of the roof. As rafters get weaker, there is a greater chance that even a new, high quality roof will collapse, which is an extremely unsafe situation. Whenever rotten rafters are uncovered, the problem should be resolved as quickly as possible to avoid a potential accident.
  • Mold: Mold is more of a symptom than a problem in and of itself, but it is never something you want to find on any of the structural elements of your house. Mold indicates moisture has permeated the part of the home it’s attached to, and when it’s found, it means the structure has already been weakened and compromised by its presence. It’s not enough to just spray it with bleach and hope it goes away—a thorough analysis of the structure has to be conducted to determine the extent to which the mold has taken over and affected the home.
  • Pests: Finding ants, bugs or other pests is not an uncommon issue when working on a roof replacement. A few bugs is, of course, completely normal, but an infestation is extremely problematic. Before the new roof can be installed, you will likely need the assistance of an exterminator to put an end to the problem. The exterminator can then provide you with further information about the measures needed to eliminate the pest. In severe cases, canvassing may be required, while in other cases the removal of the threat of infestation can be a relatively simple process.
  • Multiple layers: Occasionally, roofers will pull up an old layer of shingles only to find another layer hidden underneath. This is the sign of poor workmanship or a cheap contractor. To properly complete a roofing job, the existing roof must be completely removed before the new roof can be added. Having multiple layers of shingles makes it more likely that you will experience shingles falling off, leaks and a variety of other problems associated with bad roofing. Having to remove multiple layers adds on to the amount of work a roofing company will have to do.

Again, in most cases, a roofing job is relatively straightforward. But it is important to be aware of the potential issues that could arise once roofers begin actually removing your old roof. For more information about these issues and how they are resolved, contact the experts at Qualified Roofing and we will talk to you about roof replacement in Traverse City, MI.

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