April 27, 2020

"Joel Beckham and his crew were working next door replacing my neighbor's home roof In Suttons Bay. I was having a water drainage issue off the back of my home and asked if Joel and his crew could take a look at it. They diagnosed the issue immediately and repaired it for me in 15 minutes! What a great bunch of guys. I would highly recommend this company and if I need a new roof in the coming years, RoofRoofTC will be my choice. Thank you very much Joel & Crew!"
February 3, 2020

"Joel and his team are top-notch professionals! Not only did they do a fantastic job on the roof itself, but they tackled it in a timely fashion even with unexpected road blocks. Joel came out to meet my husband directly in the early stages of the process, and simply from the honest, professional way he presented himself, it was easy to say the search for a roofing team was over! Highly recommended!"
January 20, 2020

Great company!

"Great customer service! Trust worthy!! The kind of guys that would stop and help someone out in need without expecting anything in return. I highly recommend them!! Thank you! "
November 25, 2019

"The crew at The Qualified Roofing Group are AMAZING. They came out the same day and worked in the bitter cold until the job was finished. They have amazing customer service and their response to customers is top shelf! I would highly recommend them. They are very knowledgeable and experienced in what they do! So glad I called them. "
March 14, 2019

"Holy smokes! Joel rocks!!! After hours and was at my home within 20 minutes. Professional and knowledgeable - would give more than 5 stars if I could! Thank you!!"
Qualified Roofing